Singing bowl therapy for animals and people

WHAT IT IS: Singing bowl therapy deeply relaxes you, healing your body and mind. It releases tension within your body and soul which can also be added into other treatments including massages. Singing bowl massaging gets over hundred trillion cells to vibrate in your body. It affects on multiple levels through hearing, brain and anatomically. Singing bowls create vibrating and natural high notes which can be felt in our bodies. The relaxing sensation from the vibration is based on synchronization when brainwaves (electroencephalography) synchronize with harmonic sounds. Benefits include lowered blood pressure, deeper breaths, better quality of sleep, being well rested and feeling of being in balance as well as relieving muscle tension. Benefits with animals include relieved tension when on heat and peacefulness within a herd after changes. The treatment balances and recovers you physically and mentally. It is said to gently take you back to your roots.

HOW: Therapy starts by gently tapping the singing bowl with its mallet. This sound resonates within your cells. The vibration moves through the body's fluids which takes about 75% of body’s mass. Sound travels through water approximately 1500 meters per second whereas sound travels through air 350 meters per second. This is why singing bowl therapy is such an impactful form of therapy starting from the cellular level. My singing bowl therapy uses handmade bowls and a soft singing Koshi. The sessions take 5-45 minutes for animals and 15-60 minutes for people. They start with a ring of sounds in which multiple singing bowls are played at the same time while listening to the client. During the sessions animals might react in different surprising ways or there won’t be a visible reaction at all. These reactions are normal and there is no one way the animal should react. The owner of the animal may stay during the session or choose to wait outside. However, during the session there will be no talking. Talking and discussing will happen after the session is completed

WHERE: In a familiar place for the animal, at the animal’s home, at the farm. The therapy can be had in the horse's stable, garden or other places where the horse can be free. It is important for the horse to be able to decide the distance from the bowl. For people singing bowl therapy sessions can be scheduled on Mondays at the Jokela reception and other times at the Nuppulinna stables.

TO WHOM: Nearly everyone can be treated with singing bowl therapy. The therapy is not recommended in case of a bad infection, heavily medicated, bad heart condition or while on an active cancer treatment (melanoma in horses).

AFTERWARDS: After therapy you often see results after a while and its impacts are long lasting. Immediate effect is commonly the feeling of weight on your body which is caused by relief and tiredness from your nervous system being able to relax. There should be at least a week in between sessions. The treatment does not replace a doctor’s visit should it be acute. However, it might give you relief and fasten your healing process since it reinforces your body to heal. After the session it is advised to avoid heavy exercising. On the day of the treatment it is recommended to drink more water than usual. Same as with massaging, the treatment removes waste from our bodies which means it is important to stay hydrated.

PRICES AND RESERVATIONS: 60€/session, 5x250€ + km compensation 0,53€/km from over 15 km drives - reservations preferably via email or WhatsApp message 0407419376